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Forming the institutional environment for the development of nature tourism in the Muezersky District

Interests and groups willing to actively participate in tourism development in the district are available Lack of the institutional environment for shaping mutually coordinated interests and the potential of social actors in the local community: administration, entrepreneurs, general public, private initiative.
Lack of the interrelated and integrated set of the tourist services marketed
To coordinate the interests of groups of the local community and develop long- and short-term lines of tourism development in the Muezersky District.
To compose an integrated set of tourist services to be marketed
Muezersky District Administration, rural administrations, local activists, researchers



  • Preparation and holding of 2 village meetings in Reboly and Lendery with representatives of local authorities participating
  • Setting up the tourism co-ordinating council and working group with representatives of local authorities, forest service, businesses and the public
  • Establishing the Tourist Centre based in the Lendery school
  • Working out the Programme of Nature Tourism Development in the Muezersky District.

    Laws and standards:

  • Normative, legislative, organisational and methodological basis for controlling tourism activities and development
  • Signing the partnership agreement between the Muezersky District and City of Lieksa for organisation of the nature tour along the Leksozero-Lenderka-Lieksa lake-river system


    Establishing a network of stable contacts with associated nature use and tourism bodies of the republican, national and international levels in the form of meetings, seminars, conferences, joint projects (WWF, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Vernadsky Foundation, Russian Eco-Tourism Association, Russian Association of Travel Agencies, Republican Tourism Centre, etc.)

    Nature tourism based on sustainable socio-cultural development of the local community

    An active socio-cultural environment Insufficient targeted educational and awareness activities in the district for nature tourism development and efficient operation of the tourist business

    Creating a favourable socio-cultural environment for sustainable development of nature tourism through environmental education and awareness activities

    Local activists, Secondary schools, Lendery integrated school, Public Home, District forest protection bodies (leskhoz', forest districts), republican ministries and departments, scientists


    • Setting up an associated body to organise educational & awareness activities;
    • Developing the programme of educational & awareness activities aiming to revive the culture and promote environment friendly nature use;
    • Systematic activities of the district mass media and NGOs to raise local interest in environmental issues and nature conservation obligations (radio programmes, info about environmental and cultural events, publications);
    • Developing different kinds of environmental awareness activities for adults and youth;
    • Organisation of contests - "eco-performances" aiming to revive traditional non-timber nature uses (fishing, hunting, berry and mushroom picking, hay mowing, etc.);
    • Organisation of thematic exhibitions, presentations related to the unique local culture (crafts, folklore, household traditions, hunting & fishing, etc.);
    • Organisation and holding of thematic festivals, "art performances" involving local people, tourists and invited guests (ecologists, actors, artists, musicians, etc.);
    • Developing and implementing optional training courses in district schools to expand children's knowledge of their land;
    • Developing training and consulting programmes for further education of adults in ecology, culture, national crafts;
    • Organisation of special training courses for tourism staff;
    • Organisation of further training through participation of local activists in republican, national and foreign study programmes (business tourism).

    Positioning tourist activities in the Muezersky District

    Actors interested in developing tourism in the district are available Lack of the register of local environmental and cultural resources and structured information materials on the tourist potential of the district to be used to promote its tourist product Shaping the brand of the specific regional nature-tourism product in the national and world markets Tourist Centre, Republic of Karelia State Sport and Tourism Committee,
    Local activists, Experts in marketing, Researchers


    • Developing unique water sport tours "on both sides of the border";
    • Preparing advertising and promotion materials for the tours developed;
    • Preparing and disseminating various items bearing environmental and tourist logos, producing special video- and photo-products;
    • Organising PR actions: participation of the district representatives in tourism-oriented seminars, exhibitions & other republican, national and international events;
    • Broadening advertising by means of Internet resources;
    • Assistance from local authorities to the establishment and development of entrepreneurial activities in sectors serving tourism (organising, consulting, financial);
    • Conducting surveys of the nature tourism markets.

    Forming the package of investment business projects

    Business proposals from representatives of the local community (small business, individuals, activists) are available Lack of ready business projects Finding investments for business proposals serving tourism development from international funds (Eurasia, Soros, TACIS, Nordic Council of Ministers, Barents Region, etc.) and from private sources Initiators of project proposals


    Village of Reboly

    • Reconstruction of storage facilities into a hotel (S. Yerkoev)
    • Organisation of the car service centre based at the spare parts shop (S. Yerkoeva)
    • Reconstruction of the former village hospital into a guest house (project by the Reboly-Lieksa Friendship Society)

    Village of Lendery

    • Establishment of the Tourist Centre based in the Lendery school;
    • Resuming the construction of a cafe at the Lendery school
    • Organisation of the Leisure Centre for tourists at the Lendery Public Home
    • Organisation of the Centre for support to children from socially unwell families based in the Lendery Public Home

    Village of Tiksha

    • Tourist service development
  • Project Results 

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